These Benefits Available for 2020 Arkansas Auctioneer Association Members

As a member, you will automatically receive the following benefits to being a member of the Arkansas Auctioneer’s Association:

They are:

  • Office Depot Discount Card
  • $3,000 Death and Dismemberment Insurance Policy for AAA member & spouse, $1,000 for children
    Must contact Erica Mundy to enroll
    Liberty National Agency Director
    AR Licence 18077791

  • 10% off in the Auction Guide of the Democrat Gazette
  • AAA Website Advertising Portal Access
  • Access to the AAA logo to assist in authentication of your business
  • AAA Quarterly Newsletter
  • AAA personal property example contract
  • Updates on policies and legislation
  • Networking and Opportunities to Share Ideas with other Auctioneers
  • Magic Springs discounted tickets


  • Conferences and Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Immediate access to Resources- When you become a member of the AAA, you are given a handful of valuable materials that can benefit your business, saving you time and financial resources.

Our Board Members are receptive to new ideas. This year’s president, and any of the other members, will be happy to hear from you. We look forward to serving you and helping you further your career in the auction industry.

AAA Board

Cali Crissup
Executive Director


Each committee shall have a chairperson who is responsible for board reports, committee assignments and functions, and ultimately ensuring tasks are completed on time and on  budget. This will also lend itself to organization of the budget and the standard operating procedure. Members will also be included as needed and as desired.

*All Committees must have a chair and each subcommittee may have additional if needed. Each board member will chair at least one of the committees.

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