Welcome to the Arkansas Auctioneers Association

WELCOME!  the Arkansas Auctioneers Association. We are a statewide association dedicated to improving professionalism in the auction industry and promoting the auction method of marketing.  Association offers leadership, support. information and assistance to its members through  its various committees and services and lobbies to protect and enhance auction interests in the state.  Members in good-standing in the Arkansas Auctioneers Association abide by Arkansas Law, AAA By-Laws and a strict code of ethics.  

Congratulations to all of our winners from this years annual convention!

Pro Division
  • Champion: Dennis Huggins
  • 2nd Place: Whitey Mason
  • 3rd Place: Josh Phelps
Ringman Contest
  • Champion: Zach Vierheller
  • 2nd Place: Lacey Phelps
  • 3rd Place: Ben Bevins
Rookie Division
  • Champion: Ethan Davis
  • 2nd Place: Ed Vestal
  • 3rd Place: Layne Phillips
Jr Division
  • Champion: Chris Corker
  • 2nd Place: Hadyn Huggins

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Just when you thought it couldn't get better...

There was truly something for everyone at this 2021 Convention! The competition was fierce! Champion Bid Calling, the Junior, Rookie Contests for the novice beginner and the Ringman.

The weekend of June 24-27th, 2021 was a busy one for Arkansas Auctioneers Association (AAA). This is when auctioneers from across Arkansas gather for the Annual AAA Winter Meeting, in Hot Springs, AR, at the Hotel Hot Springs & Spa.

While auctioneers come for continuing education credit, the convention offers many more opportunities for both seasoned veterans of the auction profession as well as newcomers to the industry. Some say it’s the competition that attracts them. Others say it’s the entertaining nature of the business. Whatever the case, people everywhere are sold on auctions.

We want to thank everyone who attended the Arkansas Auctioneers Association 2021 Convention. We hope you had a great time in Hot Spring reconnecting with your colleagues and meeting new members! Sign up for notifications to find out about the 2022 convention!

Please check back this week to see the all photos!  The full photo album is also available on our Facebook page! 

The following winners were announced at the 2021 Summer Meeting.

The 2021 Pro Bid Calling Contest

3rd Place: Zachary Vierheller
2nd Place: Josh Phelps
1st Place: Matthew Sandmann

The 2021 Ringman Contest

3rd Place: Zachary Vierheller
2nd Place: Ed Vestal
1st Place: Matthew Sandmann

The 2021 Rookie Bid Calling Contest

3rd Place: Don Krejsek
2nd Place: Ethan Davis
1st Place: Ben Bevins

The 2021 Junior Bid Calling Contest

3rd Place: Christopher Corker
2nd Place: Griffin Witcher
1st Place: Henry Witcher

The 2021 Advertising Contest Winners

Color Brochure: People’s Company
Post Card: People’s Company
Website: Witcher Auctions
Social Media Page: Witcher Auctions
Commercial Video: People’s Company
Radio Spot: Wade Andrews Auction Services