Welcome to the Arkansas Auctioneers Association

WELCOME!  the Arkansas Auctioneers Association. We are a statewide association dedicated to improving professionalism in the auction industry and promoting the auction method of marketing.  Association offers leadership, support. information and assistance to its members through  its various committees and services and lobbies to protect and enhance auction interests in the state.  Members in good-standing in the Arkansas Auctioneers Association abide by Arkansas Law, AAA By-Laws and a strict code of ethics.  

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Congratulations to all of our winners from this years annual convention!

Pro Division

  • Champion: Dennis Huggins
  • 2nd Place: Whitey Mason
  • 3rd Place: Josh Phelps

Ringman Contest

  • Champion: Zach Vierheller
  • 2nd Place: Lacey Phelps
  • 3rd Place: Ben Bevins

Rookie Division

  • Champion: Ethan Davis
  • 2nd Place: Ed Vestal
  • 3rd Place: Layne Phillips

Jr Division

  • Champion: Chris Corker
  • 2nd Place: Hadyn Huggins