Arkansas Auctioneers Convention Recap

The 2021 Conference for the Arkansas Auctioneers Association is in the books. Thank you to everyone who attended the convention. We had a great lineup of speakers and vendors. We were faced with several challenges, but due to the efforts of the board and membership who volunteered their help, this year's event was a success. I want to give a huge shout out to our Executive Director of the Association, Cali Crissup. Cali has the amazing ability to orchestrate the chaos of scheduling speakers, vendors, communicating with the hotel and keeping the board informed with such precision and efficiency, it is sometimes mind blowing.

Thank you to our speakers who  included Shawn Terrel, Brian Rigby, Nathaniel Frederick, Barrett Bray, and our own Kirk Witcher.  Each one presented current topics that affect the daily operations of the auction profession. Mr. Paul Colvin presented an outstanding Real Estate Class.

It has been an honor to serve as Board President for 2021. We have a fantastic organization with members who are passionate about the auction profession.

We have already scheduled a couple of dynamic speakers for the 2022 Conference, which as of now, will be back to our normal time frame of February.  Thank you again and make your plans to be with us for the 2022 Convention.

Dennis J. Huggins

2021 Advertising Contest Winners

Color Brochure

People’s Company

Post Card

People’s Company


Witcher Auctions

Social Media Page

Witcher Auctions

Commercial Video

People’s Company

Radio Spot

Wade Andrews Auction Services

A special thank you to the man behind the scenes that made sure all of our viewers at home could enjoy our evening activities!
Thanks Lance Swigert & S3 One Goal for being a part of our convention!

A Special Thank You to Our Speakers!

Brian Rigby
CAI, AARE Founder & Chairman: Professional  Ringmen’s Institute

- W.O.R.K. Don’t Take Your Health For Granted
- What Every Ringman Needs to Know

Shawn Terrel

-Effectively Negotiating Auction Commissions
-Gaining Competitive Advantage in a Fast Paced World

Nathaniel Frederick

-Marketing, Goals and Branding
-Speaking to the Consumer’s Mind Through Social Media

Barrett Bray

- All Things Business Media Marketing & Beyond with Kirk Witcher
- Auctioneer’s Toolbox

Kirk Witcher

- All Things Business Media Marketing & Beyond with Barrett Bray

Paul Colvin
- Real Estate CE: Teach the Teacher

Hello Auctioneers, Vendors, Sponsors & Associates!

I hope that this email finds you well. Please feel free to reach out should you need anything from me. I take great pride in serving each of my associations & want to continue to build upon my skills to provide you with the best service possible.

Cali Crissup
Executive Director

Auctioneering: It’s More Than Just Fast Talking


The weekend of February 1-2, 2019 was a busy one for Arkansas Auctioneers Association (AAA). This is when auctioneers from across Arkansas gather for the Annual AAA Winter Meeting, in Hot Springs, AR, at the Hotel Hot Springs & Spa.

While auctioneers come for continuing educational credit, the convention offers many more opportunities for both seasoned veterans of the auction profession as well as newcomers to the industry. Some say it’s the competition that attracts them. Others say it’s the entertaining nature of the business. Whatever the case, people everywhere are sold on auctions.

Real estate, collector cars, antiques, art, business equipment, electronics, livestock…it’s hard to name something that hasn’t been sold at auction. No one understands this better than the auctioneer himself. People who attend auctions often only see the auctioneer as someone who shows up the day of the auction and “talks fast”. Ask any full time auctioneer and you will find out that there is more to it then fast talking.

On Friday, February 1, the 2019 AAA Winter Meeting kicked off with our Annual Competitions. The Arkansas Auctioneers Championship Bid Calling Champion, the sought after title at each years’ meeting. This is where men and women alike compete for this prestigious title and the opportunity to represent Arkansas, not only at a state level, but also at the National Auctioneer Champion Contest held July 9-13, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

There is truly something for everyone at this convention, in addition to Champion Bid Calling, the Junior and Rookie Contests are included for the novice beginner and the Ringman competition is fierce. The following winners were announced at the 2019 Winter Meeting.

The 2019 Junior Bid Calling Contest
  • 3rd Place: Ben Witcher
  • 2nd Place: Kacey Davis
  • 1st Place: Carlton Wilcox
The 2019 Rookie Bid Calling Contes
  • 3rd Place: Spencer Wilson
  • 2nd Place: Wade Andrews
  • 1st Place: Dillon Butler
The 2019 Ringman Contest
  • 3rd Place: Dennis Huggins
  • 2nd Place: Ron Spiva
  • 1st Place: Spencer Wilson
The 2019 Pro Bid Calling Contest
  • 2nd Place: Tony Wisely & Dennis Huggin
  • 1st Place: Junior Staggs
Advertising contest winners
  • Color Sale Bill: Border Town Auctions
  • Black and White Sale Bill: Bid Last & Win
  • Photography: Stafford Auction
  • Postcard: King Real Estate
  • Stationary: Bid Last & Win
  • Newspaper: Bid Last & Win
  • Website: Witcher Auctions
  • Social Media Page: Witcher Auctions

Last but not least, each year the AAA chooses an individual for the prestigious title of the AAA Hall of Fame Inductee. This year, Willie Morgan was selected for this honor.

Auctioneers create a competitive and entertaining atmosphere that attracts consumers to the sale. Their hand gestures, eye contact with the crowd and their rhythmic “chant” stirs buyers and brings the sale to life. It’s what separates auctions from other types of sales. Though one of the oldest methods of sale around, auctions continue to thrive and grow and are held today around the world. Auctioning has stayed tried and true with the times and continues to be a favorite among buyers and sellers.

Arkansas Auctioneers Association 2018 Convention